Since my posts are now about a week behind my actual progress, I will not post every day. In the past if I forgotten to take a picture of my base, I will compensate and just keep posting. That’s why you see sometimes it goes from day 175 to 177, skipping a day. This makes my posts closer to my actual progression. But now since my progression is just one week ahead

At this point of time, I was actually in vacation so I didn’t play much. I also forgotten to take pictures of my base for like half the days.

Book of hero? Sure!

This was unfortunately the last pic of my base today. AQ is currently lvl54 which brings the total amount of DE remaining to 1mil. Just this last stretch before

Attack logs:

These are the attacks which allowed me to farm about 100k DE per day. At this rate, I should be able to farm up a maxed AQ before the season pass ends. However, I am currently on vacation and can’t attack much, note that the tail end of my attack log was 7 hours ago. I can only open the game once every few hours to raid inconsistently. I’m not going to stress about raiding while in vacation so losing efficiency here is no big deal.

Still defending well despite weak defenses, no need for upgrading defenses here


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