Finished clan games and my clan was able to easily clear it. The choices are pretty simple, gems and magic items all the way. Rune is pretty much useless because everything is now so cheap and easy to upgrade. Books are so much better here

TinySin, 4k points 🙂

Another 173k DE down into AQ and another book used

Another level of the ability as well, too bad they also don’t grow much. This is why high level heroes feel so gimped, they don’t get the growth they deserve. I do feel that hero growth should be proportional to their cost, this would make lvl60 heroes at least 33% stronger than lvl50 which feels much better. Right now, lvl60 is only about 20% stronger than lvl50 which is why low levels can easily crush maxed TH12s. If there was no change to lvl1-50, I would wish that lvl60 AQ have at least 800 dps and her ability to have another 2000 dmg on top

No more DE here, but I notice that I need to farm enough elixir for my next warden level.

Warden waking up in less than a day and I need to farm another 7mil elixir for him, that shouldn’t be too hard fortunately. I only have one builder on elixir storage. I remember that I needed multiple builders on storages because TH12 stuff costed 11-12mil. Now with the gold pass, it is far less of a priority because everything can be afforded with no upgrades to my storages


  1. By the way, have you ever considered turning these guides into a Youtube channel or something? Your ideas are far better than any clash Youtuber and you can spread the process of rushing to a larger audience.


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