Oh no, only 4 days and 9 hours left and I need to grind my AQ at least to lvl59. What is her level right now?

Shit, almost 560k DE required in 4 days

Just a quick pic to show my progress right now. Next builder coming free in 4 hours, so I need to farm 50k DE in about 4 hours. Challenge accepted

Attack log:

Switched to miners but my DE is completely crap. Its quite hard to find good DE bases without sacrificing a ton of elixir. I was trying to look for 5-7k DE bases but I somehow can’t find enough of them. It is quite annoying to spend so much elixir to get so little DE. At least I farmed enough DE to upgrade AQ

I’m saving elixir for my next warden upgrade so its quite painful to use such an expensive army and trying to save up enough elixir at the same time. Using such an inefficient army, I can understand why people cannot upgrade things optimally. This is why you need to barch because wasting elixir on your army is stupid

At least AQ is upgrading now. 12 hours to next warden level and lab will come free in 1 day. The elixir squeeze is tough, especially since I’m farming DE like mad as well. If I could use barch, it would probably be so much better for both. Unfortunately right now, I cannot be sure that I can farm enough DE for AQ

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