Ok, I’m going to cheat a little here… After having 200k DE, I’m just going to gem her a little to bring her to lvl57

And use a book of everything to get her to lvl58 immediately. This means I will have her available to farm the last 1-2 levels. Now I only need 190k to get her to lvl59 and use the season bank to finish lvl60. Or I can farm

By upgrading AQ twice in like 2 days, this means that I have farmed about 370k DE in the last 2-3 days. About 2/3 farmed using miners which are pretty weak to be really honest. At least they are able to squeeze a little more DE than barch but their cost makes them nonviable for long term farming. If you waste so much elixir, you are not going to max walls any time soon.

After finishing AQ, I upgraded my last elixir collector to max. I’m saving elixir for the next lab upgrade, I’m planning wallbreakers next as they get a decent boost. It is really unfortunate that wallbreaks are not stronger. They buffed their hp the last update which was great but I do think that TH12 wallbreakers should at least 1 shot TH9 walls, if not even TH10 walls. It makes no sense that a TH12 needs so much effort to break lower level walls.

Walls are already super weak with the presence of siege machines, so they should be buffed. They are also things that people neglect so buffing them would give people incentive to upgrade them. Currently walls aren’t really strong enough since the AI tends to avoid them at all costs, this makes them hardly hit any walls.

Do the last two paragraphs sound contradictory? One part says to buff walls, one part says to buff wb. Actually, I want the gap between walls to be much greater. TH12 walls for example should have around 10-12k hp which makes them near impossible to break unless using wb or siege machines. Importantly, wb and wreckers should gain more dps when leveled up so that they can break higher level walls in the same amount of time but break lower level walls as if they are nothing. Also, jump and quake should be rebalanced so that lower levels cannot penetrate higher level walls.

AQ lvl58, warden going to lvl24. I will need to farm quite a bit of elixir afterwards to max him. He is the biggest boost to barch in TH12.

I would have bought some of these packs in the past, particularly the RM40 one which has 3 books. However with the gold pass, I find that these packs aren’t really worth it anymore. Oh well, pass.

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