This picture was taken on 30th April and I finally upgraded my AQ to lvl59. Tomorrow I will receive my season bank and would have enough to upgrade AQ again. I can finally consider my AQ done, all without using dumb hammers that people use. Hammer of heroes are the worst thing in the enitre league shop but somehow people worship it, its stupid

Using the book I bought yesterday to bring AQ to her penultimate level. Many people would waste 165 medals to buy a hammer at this point, almost pure idiocy

Elixir slowly building up to upgrade wallbreakers next in lab. Now that I don’t need to farm DE anymore, I can just farm dead bases without care about the DE they contain.

Tomorrow I’ll get 250k DE to upgrade AQ to lvl60 finally. She only costs 188k now but she will be 237k tomorrow once the gold pass ends. Unfortunately the season bank only dispenses loot after the pass expires so the 20% discount is lost before I can spend the loot. This means that the season bank effectively gives 20mil/20mil/200k which is pretty good already.


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