After just 3 days in this new season, I have attained the 15% discount to builders. This is important because now I can assume that I will always get a 15% discount to all my stuff regardless of when the new season rolls over. In the future, I will use this assumption to calculate how expensive and how long it takes to upgrade my stuff

Still farming hard because I need to get the elixir necessary for warden. I am actually overspending on spells but at least they are cheap with the discount.

First I spent all my elixir on a few walls, then I use this (max elixir storage only 10.5mil)

One level of warden done, he’s now lvl28

Reflecting back on this, I should have farmed more elixir so that I could upgrade two levels of warden. Today is day two two two, the title should be two levels of warden complete. Oh well, unfortunately I used my rune of elixir to upgrade walls instead. If I farmed another 1-2mil elixir, I could’ve upgraded warden straightaway and have him at lvl29 instead of lvl28 right now. Minor mistake on my part.

Dark elixir overflowing already! My BK is nowhere near done so my DE will overflow for now. Its not worth to use a DE army because they cost much more in elixir spells and their training time is way too long to be worth it

My next builder is 1 day and 16 hours away. That means that even if I can farm another 10mil, I still need to wait that amount of time before I can start a new upgrade. That is unless I use builder potions


  1. gotta say, your guides are the best! I was a foolish maxing TH7 but once I read your guides progressing was a breeze! In 10 days, I was able to finish the TH9 guide and move on to TH10, and lvl7 barcher is indeed the best attack strategy. Farming for my AQ (20 lvls in 20 days) is a breeze at TH10! Thank you very much for these guides; otherwise, I would still be a stupid maxed TH8.


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