Book of everything on warden? Alright

Warden is now level 29 who can give 69% health to my troops. This is actually good enough because the only thing lvl30 gives is the extra 0.5s protection effect. Honestly, these buffs shouldn’t be linear but rather mildly exponential. In fact every aspect of this game should be mildly exponential otherwise its just a bad idle game clone really. Progression is so stagnant in this game because of the linear growth.

To preface, lvl30 warden gives a 70% hp boost or 425 hp, whichever is lower. A 100hp troop would get 100*1.7 = 170hp but a 1000hp troop would only get 425 hp because it is lower than 700.

I would suggest that warden’s life aura give a bigger buff as you increase in levels, 50% in the first 20 levels are fine but the next 10 levels should give at least 80% and a much bigger absolute bonus. Right now, not many troops gain the 70% bonus (only barb, arch, wiz, goblins, wb, bowlers). The absolute bonus should be far greater so that more troops get the % boost instead. I would say that the absolute hp bonus should be raised to at least 650 if not 800-900. This would make TH12 troops more resilient and would allow us to more easily crush TH11.

Right now, TH12 is so weak compared to TH11 that it isn’t even funny. TH12 should be at least twice as strong as TH11 but it doesn’t even come close. TH11 can use troops that are 80-90% as strong as TH12 and use maxed siege machines as well. These make TH11’s strength insane compared to TH12. This is why I’m so against the linear growth we see throughout the game. SC seems to like to make the 2nd highest TH level very strong compared to the highest TH level. This happened with TH9 vs TH10 in the past, which was luckily fixed with bowlers and miners when TH11 came out. This also happened with TH10 vs TH11 despite the warden advantage that TH11 had.

SC should really break the linear progression in this game because it just makes progression boring in general. People refuse to progress because it isn’t rewarding enough

Wall progress going on pretty well, the first ring is complete and I’m moving on to upgrade lvl13 walls in my center ring.

Ugh, still need 8mil for the warden upgrade. I can probably get it by tomorrow unless I boost today. Elixir storages still upgrading but by the time they are complete, warden should be maxed and the 20% discount should be active.

Giga tesla upgrading to lvl4 right now and the mistake I made is that I didn’t upgrade gold storages here. Giga tesla is the only upgrade in the game which isn’t discounted by the season pass meaning that I would need to have 12mil storage space to unlock it. Since warden and lab can be discounted, I shouldn’t have focused so much on elixir storages but rather gold storage to be able to max out my giga tesla.

All weekly challenges complete! I need to wait another 17 hours for the next batch of challenges.

And this is why I need those extra challenges for the points. I need another 490 points for the 20% builder boost


    • Hmm, youtube takes much more work. I’m already working an 80 hour job while doing research and job applications. I would only really have free time after the end of June


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