I only have 3 pictures of today, one showing me using book of building on barracks. Besides any 14 day upgrades, book of buildings are best spent on barracks upgrades. If your barracks are still low leveled (<11), then you should use your book of buildings on more expensive upgrades. Usually, the most time-consuming upgrade in each town hall level is the town hall itself. So spending a book there to skip the wait can be quite worth it.

The next one is me showing how many xbows I have destroyed. It is enough to get me an extra 200 gems, yay!

This is just to show how many medals I have remaining. The best option right now is of course builder potions which are going to get nerfed afterwards.

After the nerf, where builder potion’s cost will be doubled, they are still mighty useful. Hammer of buildings are only good for upgrades which are 10 days or longer (if you have the gold pass), otherwise they are still inferior to builder potions. If you are TH10 and below, builder potions are still the safest option in the league shop.

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