Wall progress going ok right now. With the 20% discount and free 50mil per season, it is now pretty easy to do a ton of walls. I’m very confident that I can max walls in the next few months.

I’m only now upgrading my gold storages which is a little late. With the gold pass, there is actually no reason to upgrade elixir storage so early, maybe only 10.5-11mil is required. Gold storages are more important because you need them for giga tesla upgrade (currently its bugged so you need to have 12mil to upgrade it) and you generally farm gold faster than elixir because armies cost elixir.

With BK the only way for me to drain my DE, it is quite hard to not overflow on DE right now. I constantly offer 6-9k DE to my enemies which is quite annoying. There are winds of rumors saying that lvl70 heroes may be released soon. I will focus my effort on main Sin first before shifting focus on this account.

Defense log:

Somehow not losing too much while having weak defenses. I’m losing 3k DE constantly because they are taking from my drills and not from my storage. Even TH12s fail to steal loot from me, it is hilarious actually

Attack log:

Currently using QW barch which is quite a good farming army actually. With maxed AQ and warden, I can punch into many bases and steal their loot. I wouldn’t touch storages unless they give >600k.

However, QW barch trains quite a bit slower than regular barch which really cuts into my profits. Although I’m earning more per raid, I’m making less raids which means less overall loot. To overcome this, I generally just use barch for bases with exposed collectors and use QW when the base has lots of internal collectors. This is a good balance and I’m farming slightly faster using this than regular barch


  1. My th9 has lvl 8 queen within 6 weeks of starting the game. Is that good progress?
    I’m rushing but not as much as your are. My defenses are th6-8 lvl for th9 with lvl 8 walls and lvl 9 walls.

    By the way are you Malaysian cause I saw RM in your coc store. Your the best player at rushing by the way.


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