Finally able to spend my DE, BK is currently upgrading right now. Even better is the news that there are extra hero levels coming soon. The extra 5 levels of heroes will hopefully increase the gap between TH11 and TH12. More importantly, I can start farming on my bigger accounts now which is a great relief. I really can’t wait to start farming again. The 10 extra level in warden is probably the biggest boost overall, with a 90% boost to troops.

BK going to lvl38 in this current continuity. This picture was taken almost a month ago and currently he is lvl46 going to lvl47 right now. He will take a back burner as I slowly grind my AQ and warden to max. Since both heroes cost different resources, I will gem them whenever I can afford the next level. It will simply be race of whether I can farm 96mil elixir or 960 DE faster. I think DE might come faster when I put it this way, especially since AQ only has 5 levels.

My final elixir storage is going to complete soon which isn’t very useful really because nothing costs more than 10mil with the gold pass. I upgraded xbow previously because its timing is good. That is basically the only consideration I do when I start any upgrade. I just make sure it does not coincide with other upgrades which complete around the same time.

Started the miner upgrade and instantly used a book for it. Come to think of it, I’ve never used miners since I upgraded them. They really are weak farming troops when you compare them to barch. I should’ve used the book of bowlers instead.

Bowlers upgrading to lvl4 here. I also don’t really use them but if my DE overflows again, I can use them for some casual farming. Some people say “use DE armies to farm elixir” which is extremely dumb because you still use a ton of elixir spells which cost more than barch itself. Additionally, their training time is atrocious. You can train 2-3 barch armies before even one bowitch army is done which means that you better earn >1.5mil/>1.5mil per raid before bowlers can even come close to the efficiency of barch.

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