If I were a TH10, I would say that my BK is nearly maxed, not knowing that I’m less than halfway done. He’s going to lvl39 in this pic and I used a book of heroes here

I don’t understand most people in reddit and the forums really, you are not “done” until you have lvl60 heroes. This accomplishment is just fleeting, as you are only really temporarily maxed. Just like how SC added 5 new levels and you are suddenly not maxed anymore.

This is why I sometimes really ticks me off that people say “I’m done” when they are barely a fraction done. Or something like “the grind starts again”, when it has never stopped or finished.

Collecting all the DE from my season challenge list, drills and treasury. This would allow me to afford the next level

Going to lvl40 right now. Really if I used him now, he wouldn’t feel any different from being a lvl60 BK. Having the BK is more important than actual his level. Even the 2-3k hp he starts out with will help you a ton in raids, so much that leveling up can really feel like a waste of time. Since heroes are so easy now I think that they need to make them much stronger than what they are right now. I do think that the current lvl65 stats could be the new lvl50 stats and lvl60/65 should be 50% stronger than what they have right now.

Used a rune here because I am getting a free rune from the gold pass, I used all my gold in walls and used this rune

to buy my new maxed giga tesla. Currently its the only building that is not affected by the gold pass discount, thus I need 12mil to upgrade it. Its not too bad really and it will definitely help me during the June cwl

Now just working on defenses which is really easy, nothing much to say here

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