All 5 builders busy and I have no real place to put my farmed loot. Looking at my current base now and this picture (almost 1 month ago), I realised that I upgraded a shit ton of walls. This is because I farm loot way faster than I can spend it, so much so that sometimes I have free time and don’t raid because my storages are simply too full.

I have wished for the 6th builder for a long time, and the wish has been granted. With the BH9 update, SC has revealed to us that the new OTTO will help out the master builder. This allows him to go between bases and upgrade whatever you want. Most people will bring him back to the main base as the 6th builder since loot is so scarce in the builder base.

For those who don’t know, the current requirements for the OTTO is:

  • Geared up all 3 buildings (double cannon, archer tower, multi mortar)
  • Get lvl30 battle machine
  • Get lvl18 cannon carts
  • Get lvl9 giga tesla

If I remember correctly, these are the requirements needed which seems quite steep. What I don’t get is that many people in reddit are complaining about how hard it is. Imo, getting the 6th builder is not a right, it is more valuable because it is EARNED. Really, these tasks aren’t really too hard. They would only take 6-12 months of playing the game depending on how efficient you are upgrading. If you are already a maxed BH8, these requirements would only take 3-5 months so

The 6th builder would be really great for progression now. It would actually take about 15-16 months to max out if you get the 6th builder asap. Insane.

Still waiting on BK while my DE is nearly full now, farming is so easy

Attack log:

This is one of the reasons why I use QW + barch. I can get a ton of loot per raid but loot per hour is still less than pure barch. This is one of the reasons why I don’t use miners, they cost way too much elixir. Look at the army I used at the top, qw + barch with 4 spells costs <200k elixir. While miners without spells already cost >200k elixir, how am I going to profit if I’m forfeiting half my loot to my army?


Nothing interesting really, not worth it.


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