Bowlers will be max tomorrow, not sure what I upgraded next. Probably witches or bat spell

Just upgraded BK today, going to lvl41 now. Workshop going to lvl3 now, so I was wrong yesterday. DE is so abundant that I can upgrade BK today and start a DE upgrade tomorrow

Ah, operation blue skies, the update that made me laugh so hard at how much legends will be nerfed. Basically you need to throw away everything you learned about regular searches when you reach 5000 cups. Once you reach 5000, you may opt into the new legends system which limits your daily attacks.

(Extra note: if you reach 5000 and decide NOT to opt into legends, you are not allowed to attack)

Once you are in legends, you can only attack 8 times per day, no more; and you must be eligible for 8 defenses as well. Up to 8 other players will have the chance to attack you and you gain/lose cups based on how much % and stars you get in your attacks/defenses, not the usual trophy differential. You are “matched” based on your trophies, meaning someone in 5200 cannot be attacked by someone in 6000. However, there is no TH-based matchmaking meaning a TH9 can potentially face against 8 maxed TH12s

Loot also works differently now in legends, you no longer lose loot when defending and you gain loot based on your attack performance. The exact formula isn’t disclosed yet but SC has quoted that you need to 3 star your enemy to gain the full 450k/550k/6k loot.

My opinion: Legends will now be quite pathetic for farming. You must do 8 attacks per day otherwise you would likely be relegated and you have an upper limit of 8 raids, giving you only 7.2mil maxed loot for 3 starring 8 maxed TH12s. You gain less loot when you don’t 3 star and if your enemy is not a maxed TH12. This puts legends at a really awkward place, because you cannot casually farm for good loot, yet you also cannot farm hardcore for loot. A casual player probably cannot make their 8 attacks and will get booted while a hardcore player will be pretty upset to be limited to only 7.2mil loot.

Furthermore, this update means that SC is trying to kick out anyone lower than TH11/12. It is even debatable whether TH11 can even survive in legends with the new rework but with the small gap between TH11 and TH12, I don’t think they would find it to be a major problem.

Overall, good update. I might go there to try it once or twice but would definitely advice against going there if your primary objective is loot. Crystal has so much loot, and you are farming it for much less effort. Why work so hard for so little rewards?

What do you think?


  1. Hello Dusk. You recently answered my question yesterday about if I should go from TH 12 to TH 11.

    I wanted to ask you a few more questions —

    1. My clan is a school clan and nobody is TH 12. As mentioned before, my stats were 17/39/14. I have a strong Bowitch + level 8 barbs level 7 archers.
    Would this change your opinion of me going to 12? Our clan only boosts donation levels up by 1, not 2 as well.

    2. I have two book of heroes — what should I use them on? Warden or Queen. Both will take 7 days soon (I have gold pass however). What would you reccomend?

    I’ve been rushing for a while and thanks to you, I’ve outpaced a lot of my friends. Thank you so much Dusk!!!


    • In that case, yeah just upgrade. I predicted wrongly about the update. I thought that dead bases would become harder to find because everyone is farming, but I was wrong. Dead bases are plenty and really easy to find right now. Crystal 2 to Champs 3 are all good for farming and there really isn’t any reason to hold off. Your clan will need the siege machines and going to TH12 right now won’t make things harder, so just upgrade.

      For book of heroes, I recommend AQ just simply because she has many more levels than warden. Neither are necessary for farming and both improve your farming quite similarly


  2. Hey dusk! Love your blogs, been reading H.G. them for a while. I was almost max TH9 ( but level 10 king and queen) and quit 4 years ago, started back up on the same account and I’m starting medical school (like you) in August. I wanted to progress fast because I only have 2 TH12s in my clan, so I tried to follow your strategic rushing guide and now I’m at a relatively new TH11 but have a lvl 46 queen, 13 king, and like 8 Warden. I was wondering if I should max warden before going up (which would mean leaving my queen at 50 for months) or just upgrading to TH12 after queen is 50. You can look at my account if you want, my profile is #L8QPQU88. Thanks for the guides and blog posts. They’re really helpful and fun to read


    • I’m glad you like the guides, people like you are why I keep writing them! Maxing is exactly the reason why you found the game boring in the past. I would say just upgrade to TH12 after AQ is 50, the warden is good but not necessary for farming. When you are TH12, keep focusing on warden and upgrade AQ if you can farm the DE.

      15 levels of remaining AQ levels will make it more of a marathon than a sprint. TinySin was able to sprint to lvl60 AQ but not many people can really sprint to lvl65 like that easily. So if you cannot farm the DE for AQ, just upgrade BK for a while until you get your footing in TH12


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