While reddit is talking about research potions, we have gems in the forums whining about legends. The entire system was explained by the videos, FAQ etc yet people were caught off guard and were unable to drop out of legends. People are complaining about loot, not enough attacks, being too weak

This is the greatest gem I’ve found in the forums:

Basically its a forum mod saying what I have said all these years. It is simply unfair that someone who has progressed much further and devoted more time, yet are on equal footing as someone who is half their level. It is absurdly easy for a TH10 to take on a TH12, now SC and their mods have seen the problem. Now SC just needs to adjust the numbers and we’ll have far better balance

Just before the update, our clan started a friendly war. With all 3 of my TH12 accounts having no heroes, I reluctantly did 6 electro attacks which were absolute crap. Even dipping on TH11s were hard because SC didn’t balance the game properly. If high level heroes are required to even dip, I can’t imagine how people do storage raids. SC seriously needs to fix the balance between TH levels, it should not require heroes to dip and someone who is lower level should not be able to easily hit up.

DE is full again, just need to wait another day to spend that DE. I am also upgrading dark barracks to unlock ice golems so that I may choose to use them afterwards.

Attack log:

I’m actually using QW barch here but I’m only using barch to get easy loot. If the loot is hard, I use my QW. Even with just 80% of my army camp space, I can get 1 stars easily and float around M3 to get the loot bonus. This is how I farm 2mil/2mil per hour easily. Honestly even after the update, loot is as good or even better than what I am raiding here. That is the most surprising thing about the update


  1. Just wondering why you’re upgrading x-bows before traps and teslas (I gave myself spoilers by looking at your current base in game). I thought teslas were a priority because they are an element of surprise on what seems like a weak base. I’m also about to start my defense-upgrading phase in TH12. I know that the defense order you use doesn’t matter too much, but I’m still curious.


    • Just for builder management. Teslas take 4 days now and if I did so, it would cause me to have two free builders at the same time. I like to space out my builders to maximise wall progress. In a vacuum if I didn’t need to manage resources and builders like that, then traps and teslas are king.


  2. While I agree with most of your posts, a TH12 with heroes down shouldn’t be able to get an easy 2* on TH11. It negates the importance of having heroes. If everyone can easily take down a lower TH for 2* with no heroes, people would war more often and the priority on maxing heroes for war would have a lower impact.


    • Not just 2*, a higher TH level should 3 star a lower TH level easily with just maxed troops and no heroes.

      I believe the balance can be done. Firstly, all troops should get a 30-70% increase in stats when you upgrade them, this would allow you to fairly easily roll over a lower level. Heroes should then grow 3-5% per level, giving them significant growth when you upgrade them. Defenses will grow 50-100% per TH level to match the growth of offense.

      The net effect of balance: Heroes remain crucial, but only on same TH level hits. On dips, your troops should be strong enough to push over lower levels. When hitting higher TH levels, you are contending against 1.5-2x stronger defenses which mean that you will hardly scratch a higher level even if you are maxed. If your heroes are underleveled, you can still aim for 2 stars on similar level but will probably never 3 star.


      • Mind explaining “WHY” you think a higher th lvl should be able to have the ability to 3 star a lower th lvl w/o heroes?


      • One should be rewarded for upgrading. It shouldn’t take weeks and months of progress just to be able to attack a lower level.

        The best balance in the game was when you upgraded to TH7 and TH9, where you gained so much offense that you render the lower level immediately useless. Each TH level should have such improvement in offense and defense


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