With a low level BK like this, I can upgrade BK twice easily with full DE storage. 240k storage and the next level costs 138.4k

Collect DE from the gold pass and my treasury storage.

Used a book and I could upgrade BK again, then I spent all my DE to upgrade BK to lvl43. Almost halfway done with BK now, it would take me about 23*5.6 days = 128 days to maxed BK. Just another 4 months of casual grinding, not too hard really. Spoiler: my current base is one month ahead and my BK is going to lvl51 right now. I’m not sure how I upgraded my BK so many levels but will be interested to see what I did previously.

I still have a ton of magic items that I can use, will use them up slowly as I upgrade stuff.

Now I need to farm DE quickly because witches lvl2 are going to complete tomorrow, this is what I get for upgrading 2 BK levels on the same day.

I’m almost out of offense and traps upgrades and soon I will focus more efforts on defenses then. Looking weak is really good, I’m going to hate it when I have TH9/10 defenses and get crushed badly. Currently, I can actually stop good TH12 attacks

Lvl11 walls: 33*9 = 297mil

Lvl12 walls: 146*5 = 730mil

Total loot required = 297+730 = 1.027bil

With the discount, it is only 820mil remaining. I have already accounted for 300 lvl13 walls and not the 250 limit at that time.

Compared with my last picture 9 days ago where I needed 1.23bil to max walls. This means that I farmed about 160mil in a week, not bad. This puts me at 5 weeks to maxed walls if I continue farming at this rate


  1. I’m curious, how many hours you play in a day? Currently I play around 2 hours a day between my two accounts(Th10, Th11). I’ve been using barch with 2-4 baby dragons (Crystal III and Master III). Being progressing ok but my walls are lagging. Especially in my th10 which I rushed (opportunity cost😉). I have enjoyed your post on farming, items and rushing 💪.


    • Hmm, about 2-4 hours on and off playing. Sometimes I just open the game 5-10 times per day, but only 5-10min each time. Sometimes I play in blocks of a few hours. Good progress, and hope you do well!


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