Just realised that my base is now 8 months old. With 43/60/30 heroes at 8 months, I think I’ve done pretty good progress. Working on teslas now

Someone asked me why is my current base not upgrading teslas. This is because I upgrade stuff based on time to completion, not their relative importance or anything. If I have an upgrade that completes in 4-5 days time, I will not upgrade a tesla which will complete in 4.5 days time at the same time. I don’t like builders completing on the same day because it will increase the loot required for that day and not enough walls being upgraded.

Remember, walls are only upgraded whenever a builder comes free. If 2 builders complete on the same day, I will spend all my loot on builders and less on walls. If they complete upgrades on separate days, I can farm between the upgrades and spend more loot in walls.

2 dark barracks upgrading, is that a good idea? I’m not training any dark troops for war nor farming so it should be fine (spoiler: its not)

I completely botched this reward cycle because I chose wall rings instead of book of everything! That was a total misclick and I only realised the mistake when the rings moved downwards. These blogs sometimes expose my mistakes and I feel doubly in pain to see these mistakes a second time.

June clan game rewards seem fine enough with lots of choices. Quite surprised that they did not release research potions here, but fortunately they gave us books which are much better. My fear is that research potions may some day replace books and we will wonder where are the books.

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