As you can see, I have both dark barracks upgrading at the same time because I wanted to finish my elixir buildings quickly. Normally, it is a sound idea because I won’t use any of these troops for farming or war.

However, sometimes SC will throw a curveball like this and say “train dark troops or you will lose out on these rewards”. Luckily, my dark barracks are completing in 15 hours while the event will finish in 23 hours. I can just use a builder potion and have plenty of time to complete the event. The event would then reimburse 2 builder potions, sweet deal. I could just wait for the dark barracks to complete but it would only leave me with 8 hours to complete the event which is a little tight given that I was still busy at the time of taking this picture

No picture of my base today because I forgotten to take a picture of it, but here’s a link to my base design which someone requested:

TH12 crows


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