First thing in the morning and I boost my builders for 5 hours again. This amount of progress is crazy, giving almost 10 days of progress in 5 hours. I’m miss this after my medals are exhausted and the nerf has hit. Currently waiting for the July CWL to have enough medals to buy more magic items

Refilled my builder potion stash, not sure if I used all 5 this day or the following day.

My current base. Upgraded BK and bat spell in lab so my DE is low again, 35k in the first picture and now 70k after half a day. The builder potions will try to ensure that DE will not overflow too badly. The builder potions also allow me to dump loot really quickly and upgrade a ton of walls

I have an upgrade completing almost every hour, so I need to farm a lot of loot to upgrade walls. I actually don’t need to farm much, maybe 1-2 raids, to keep builder busy even with 10x builder speed. This is why rushing is amazing, you can upgrade cheap stuff when you are busy and upgrade expensive stuff when you have time to farm.

Lab will take some time here, 6.5 days and I cannot boost it unlike builders. Oh wait… This picture was taken before research potions were introduced. Well, when research potions are introduced, I would be able to speed up lab upgrades too. Honestly sarcasm aside, research potion needs at least a 3x buff at the same price to make them even worthwhile

Lvl11: 21*9 = 189mil

Lvl12: 108*5 = 540mil

Total cost = 729mil (or 580mil with gold pass)

Compared to 5 days ago, I have completed yet another 150mil worth of walls. I think it is mainly due to boosting builders which encouraged me to farm more to keep upgrading walls. At this rate, I would finish walls in another 5 weeks. Realistically looking at my current base today, I think I will max my walls in 7 weeks from the picture above.


    • I don’t need to donate really with 2 of my own maxed TH12s donating for the entire clan. After unlocking the siege workshop, I started to donate siege machines to my clan. Doing so doesn’t impede my farming ability and counts a lot for donation


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