I have 100 medals remaining and that means only 6 builder potions left 😦 Along with the 5 currently in my inventory, I can only boost 11*45 = 495 hours. Its still 20 days of progress that I can skip but I’m going to be sad when I exhaust all these goodies.

Have dragons in my army camp for the dragon event. Having lvl1 dragon isn’t really a problem because I can use electros to supplement my army strength. Events used to take 3-5 attacks, now that they take 10 attacks they are really annoying

BK going to lvl47 right now, only 18 levels to max. With the discount, that’s barely 3mil DE which is quite easy to farm. It would also take 100 days which means I will be 65/65/40 within a year of starting the game. Not bad actually, being able to max heroes even with a level cap increase within a year of starting the game. I don’t get why maxers complain about updates focusing on “end-game content” when most of them are easily achievable within the first year of playing the game.


  1. Are you going to bother to do the 40 stars with dragon and 2 rage challenges in season challenges for this season. Seems kinda tedious.


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