Bought book of heroes in preparation of lvl65 AQ and warden. I’m going to need it really soon since the update will drop in about 2 weeks time.

Since I don’t have a picture of my base of this day, I elected to discuss this topic which some clash youtuber named “Galadon” has proposed. This guy is famous, but has no idea how this game works despite playing for 5-6 years now.

He basically proposed a resource converter, turning a resource you don’t need to someone else you might need. Do I even need to explain how bad this idea is? If resources are inter-changeable then why have 3 resources? Why don’t we just have 1 resource type and use it universally across the game?

The only reason why he suggested this is to pander to his casual audience who probably doesn’t know about the game well enough. I do not hate casuals, but our goal should be to teach them and bring them along the right path instead of trying to suggest bad ideas. This is why I hate on maxers so much really, teaching bad ideas and bringing people to destructive paths.

Even Darian said “the team isn’t a fan” when someone said this idea.

If resources can be exchanged so easily, it takes away a lot of strategy in the game. Farming would become really boring and there will not be artificial loot bottlenecks. These bottlenecks are crucial for players to realise that they need to upgrade TH levels. DE farming in TH9 is hard because it is meant to be hard, but you can make it easier by upgrading to TH10. This resource converter will only make people slum at lower levels for a longer time.

Attack logs:

Using the event army here, with all 3 dragons. They are fairly decent but their training time was really atrocious. 50min for an army, I don’t understand how people in titans can even farm with such training times. Even with near 0 elixir cost, the time cost makes it not worth it.

Using lvl1 baby dragons, I was really disgusted at how strong they are. Even at lvl1, they can destroy quite a few TH12 buildings before they get taken down. This is why I keep suggesting that lvl1-4 baby dragons need to be nerfed because they are the core army that TH9/10 use to attack TH12s. They just need a hard nerf on their health so that they can actually die to lvl16/17 archer towers instead of only being weak to air defenses. Even at 122 dps, a maxed archer tower will need 10 seconds to take out a lvl1 baby dragon. That’s stupid balancing right there.

I would say that lvl1 baby drags get nerfed all the way down to 600 hp, with lvl2 at 800. Then at TH10, lvl3 will have 900 and lvl4 have 1050. They can go back to 1600 hp at TH11, but I suggest around 1300 health. TH12 gets their 1700 as per usual. Their growth is absolutely disgusting right now, with lvl1 baby drag because 70.5% as strong as maxed. Even lvl1 can wreck a lot of a maxed TH12 base and they are not weak to eagle, inferno, wt, archer towers. They are only really weak to air defenses like all other air troops.


Lvl11: 21*9 = 189mil

Lvl12: 98*5 = 490mil

Total = 679mil (550mil with discount)

Compared to my picture 2 days ago, I have upgraded 10 lvl12 walls which cost 40mil (50 without discount). Spamming builder potions really help in my wall progress because I can upgrade a few walls every few hours instead of waiting for days.


  1. I agree completely about the baby dragons. Before I read your guides I did collector raids with baby dragons and the level 1 babies could easily take out the collectors and like one layer into the base before they got taken out by air defenses


  2. Yeah Galadon doesn’t deserve the place he has in the Clash community. What an absolute shit idea, and he still makes that braindead “fix that rush” series to this day.


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