Using some builder potions from yesterday’s CWL rewards. I use them in blocks of 5 so that I can spread out my farming and builders. This way, I only need to farm a few raids per day instead of being glued to my screen. In this picture, 5 builder potions would allow me to finish 3 upgrades and bring my BK to nearly complete.

My base at the end of the day, DE overflowing because I farmed quite a bit. Spent everything on walls so left nothing on the table for people to raid

BK still a day away from completing here after skipping 50 hours. I will need to wait another day with full DE. Once my heroes are maxed, I will need to get used to this

Lvl11: 17*9 = 153mil

Lvl12: 88*5 = 440mil

Total = 593mil (480mil with discount)

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