Another 5 hours of boost today. I got about 21 builder potions the other day so I want to try and spend as many as possible before the update drops. This picture was taken on 13th June which was before the update. I know this is confusing as I am showing picture of the past, but it makes it easy for me to schedule a ton of posts within a day. I am actually currently in vacation when this post is released, so having at least a few days of buffer really helps me when I am unavailable for a few days.

Unfortunately, there are no other pictures for this day so I will immediately connect this with the pictures I took on 14th June

Xbows are really good to upgrade now because they grow really well. This is one of the few defense which grows well and is worthwhile to upgrade. Even with 20% increases per level, they become stronger significantly. I feel that 40-60% increase is fair with same increase to troops to differentiate each TH level. Other defenses take a lot of time and still not grow well. If only AT and cannons grow well, then we wouldn’t need two levels of them per TH level.

The main reason I’m upgrading one xbow to max like this is because it grows well and secondly to use books efficiently. All my upgrades take less than 8 days so I need something that costs 14 days to use a book. I elected to upgrade an xbow to lvl5 then book it to lvl6 so that I maximise the discount and my own growth. Xbows also conveniently only have 6 levels which cost far less than almost every other upgrade. I’m not upgrading eagle as of yet because it increases its activation requirement so it fires later at level 3

Nothing really special being upgraded right now. Just working on BK, traps and defenses. I need to work on some long upgrades so that I can more easily slot in short upgrades. If all my upgrades are short, then I will find it hard to put even shorter upgrades between them. For example, if I do 3-4 tesla (short) upgrades, I would find it tough to put a 9-12 hour cannon/AT upgrade.

Still 5.5 days of lab to go. Witches going to lvl3 now, I will need another 2 levels to max her.


  1. Hi, I’m th10 and I have all offensive upgrades+ collectors. The only (non defense) upgrades I am missing are walls (~500mil) and heroes (12/30) and my 4 other builders are just not doing anything while queen is upgrading. Should I go th11?


    • Your builders should be working on defenses if everything else is done, not being idle. Otherwise, yes go to TH11 to unlock more offense. While you are waiting for the town hall, do upgrade some defenses to keep your builders busy


  2. Hey there, I have been reading your guides for a while. Just wanted to ask, do you think engineering your base for war is a good thing or not?


    • Nothing wrong with engineering. Maxers don’t like it because it kills them. Maxing used to be the old way to engineer because you would match favorably if you max out (TH9 vs TH9 all the time, even maxed TH9 can match mid TH9 but not a rushed TH10)


      • Thanks for the reply, I tried joining your clan however I couldn’t. I understand why your clan may have not accepted me because you may have been a war clan and I’m a farmer. My troops for war are not even that strong, now this leads me on to the point, if I’m following all your guides shall I upgrade war troops along the way for war and go to war or shall I just neglect war until I reach TH12.


      • My clan is actually not a war clan, we are just a family and friends clan. Pretty casual. You probably would have time to work on miners in TH10 and electro loon in TH11/12. Those are the only troops you’ll need for CWL


  3. Hi, im th10 with all offensive upgrades+ collectors done. I’m still missing walls(~600mil) and heroes (12/30). The problem is that I have 4 free builders at any time because I invest everything in walls. So should I just go th11?


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