Read this post in the forum and inspired to give my comment here

This is imo, one of the most egregious things in the balance between TH levels. Going to TH12 will hurt you in regular wars, because you gain so much weight but don’t gain the corresponding strength to balance it. If TH12 is almost always heavier than a TH11, then TH12 should be significantly stronger than any TH11.

Currently, almost all TH12 offense upgrades are locked behind 20 levels of warden. Nothing else in TH12 really matters in terms of offense. Troops gain <10% strength when you level them up and army camps only give you 7.7% increase for 36mil worth of upgrades. There are actually no offense increase in TH12 besides these tiny things. This is really poor balance because you really need to grind high level heroes to gain the strength required to crush a TH11. Unlike TH9-11, there are not short <1 month upgrades that can easily allow you to crush the lower level.

People asked me what would make it balanced, I would say the time when miners were first introduced and were crazy broken. They were basically the best tanks in the entire game because defenses still locked onto them while they were underground. They also popped up and down much faster with almost no delay in their first attack. This allowed TH10s with mass miner maxed TH9s with maxed drag/loon/valk cc with 1-2 heal spells and 3 star them without any brain required. Similar thing happened with TH11 vs TH10, usually people would 3 star with almost 40 miners surviving the entire attack. In my mind, this is great game balance between TH levels because it allowed a higher level immense strength against their lower level.

Off topic here, but the only way to stop mass miners back then was using triple giant bombs or 2 bomb tower + 2 giant bombs, even then a TH11 could usually walk through that and 3 star a maxed TH10. Golem cc was really common because their splash damage was the only way to quickly take down a group of miners, but warden allowed miners to shrug even that.

SC really needs to look into the balance between TH levels because the giga tesla does not justify its weight. Either TH12 needs much greater offense (40-60% buff) and/or giga tesla needs a huge buff to make it worth its weight. I think the most ludicrous thing right now is using low level freeze spells to stop the “strongest” defense in the entire game. Another problem that needs to be fixed is how giga tesla activates, it only activates after you lose the defense or right before being destroyed. It is rare that a giga tesla can see 10 seconds of action because of this.

Rant over

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