Since I was focusing so much on main account, I didn’t take any picture of my base, just a look at which magic items I used. Instead of combining with the pictures of tomorrow, I will put a discussion based on something I read on the forums.

These runes are really amazing for the free levels. I splurged a few gems here to get as many levels as possible but I don’t intend to spend all of them. Still having a bank of about 5000 gems after all the heroes are done. Honestly, I don’t know why I’m doing this because gems are only worth for heroes. I don’t spend many gems on anything else. Warden going to lvl34 within the first day of the update.

New Hero Levels (65-65-40) Underwhelming and Disappointing

The OP here expressed disappointment at the new heroes levels because they don’t feel impactful at all given the grind to get them to maxed. I knew this would be the case in my first impression too, even before maxing them. I did think that warden would be amazing which proved true.

Thoughts on Balance Changes

Someone posted in reddit showing how strong lvl65 are compared to lvl50

How does AQ gain so many stats here? AQ and BK, unlike most troops, gain percentage increase every time you level them. The exact percentage varies by level but they gain 2.5-3.5% hp and dps every level up. Almost all other troops gain stats linearly when they level up, golems for example gain 300 hp every level up which means they need to be lvl14 before they are usable at TH12. Just look at bowlers and electros as well, you can easily predict the stats of lvl6 bowlers and lvl4 electros based on their previous levels. I will expand on this in my next post tomorrow, let us focus on heroes today.

If lvl65 heroes are so much stronger than lvl50, why don’t we feel the improvement? Many people using lvl60 previously will only see a 10-15% improvement in their heroes, this is the main issue why we don’t see much difference. If you compare directly with lvl50 heroes then yes, you may feel a difference. These 15 levels also cost 33% of all lvl1-65, so they better be really worth it.

You will mainly see the improvement in AQ is you use queen walk because you will notice that you take less damage and AQ takes less hits to destroy buildings. With only one troop on the field, any change is sensitive. Whereas with BK, you can’t really feel the difference because he is always with other troops and most troops out-dps BK easily. Put a BK beside a pekka and see how much stronger a pekka is compared to him. How do you expect a 50% increase if he only contributes to 10-20% of the entire army?

Warden on the other hand, makes up 50% of your army. If you are using miners, bowlers, barch, the boost is insane. Most people can feel the difference even when using pekkas and electros because 7 seconds is much longer than 6. I do think that warden’s eternal tome needs a nerf at lower levels. A lvl20 warden shouldn’t be able to protect a maxed giga tesla. The giga tesla barely gets 10 seconds of action and a TH11 basically removing the entire defense seems absurd

The key point here is feeling the difference, not the actual objective strength. To feel the increase in strength, they need to make the change dramatic and not just scale numbers to infinitely. This is why I am positive with the way they improve builder base troops, not just by stats but also their secondary ability and troop space. I think that implementing this in the main base is a good idea so that troops of different level feels different. I’ll talk about troops in tomorrow’s post.

For heroes, I think that warden is decent enough so he probably doesn’t need a change. I think what they should improve is the BK first. How about at lvl51 onwards (TH12), you can activate BK’s ability twice but both at half heal and duration. Instead of a full 10 second boost, you get two 6 second boosts (20% buff there) which increases strength as per usual but only heals half and spawns half the barbs. You also gain the ability to use it twice to heal at the regular amount and full barbs for 12 seconds in total. This provides flexibility in TH12’s attacks so that you can push through two different sections in the base.

I’m not too sure what to do for the AQ, but slightly increasing range should help. Royal cloak should probably also increase move speed and/or attack speed at lvl60/65

What do you think? Should heroes gain more when they level up? This problem is not unique to lvl65 heroes. Did you feel an increase when you move from lvl30 to lvl40 heroes? Or lvl40 to lvl50? This problem is only exacerbated in TH12 because heroes are the only increase in strength you gain. TH12s barely gain 20% improvement in troops so heroes are everything which is poor balance.


  1. I remember as a new TH10 you could brainlessly spam level 1-3 miners against a solid TH10 and get 3 stars. Now as a TH12 my level 6 miners need me to set the attack up really well to just 2 star a TH12. It seems like the defense scaling is insane compared to the offense which I guess makes sense for the esport version of the game


    • The only offense scaling you get is lvl40 warden. Troops and defenses are balanced around the lvl40 warden here. The problem is that not all troops can be under the warden’s effect and they have too little health if not under his aura


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