Afterwards, I think I will only make base progress posts every week while writing guides and opinion pieces on other days. My base progress is quite boring now so people would not be so interested to read them anymore.

Filled up my gold storage using a rune because I have another rune waiting in my season pass rewards.

Upgraded my first xbow to lvl6 and used a book to instantly complete it. With so many free books from cg and season pass, I’m finding it hard to get 14 day upgrades to skip. To even have a 14 day upgrade, I must upgrade something to maxed TH11 level. This is why I was upgrading xbows and now teslas as well to TH11 levels. After these 9 buildings are done (4 xbow + 5 teslas), I am not sure what to focus on next. Everything else will take multiple upgrades to reach 14 days.

I know I still have eagle remaining but upgrading it will make it activate later. This is pretty stupid and I won’t deliberately weaken my defenses to increase its dps by 10%. If anything, eagle needs to activate earlier because it can barely fire 2 volleys before being destroyed most of the time. Both eagle and giga tesla are really underwhelming defenses because they activate way too late into the attack. Yesterday’s post talks about how weak offense growth it, but defense growth is similarly weak. It is really bad balancing that a maxed TH12 cannot stop a TH11 from 2 starring it. If offense got a buff in the same magnitude as I suggested, then defense needs such a boost as well. A maxed TH11 should find it almost impossible to 2 star a mid TH12.

And right after I spent a book, here comes another free one. The only upgrades I can rush to high level quickly are air defenses and wizard towers. I do think AD are slightly more important given how common electro attacks are in TH12. I’ll probably upgrade AD one by one to maxed level so that I can reach TH11 AD sooner to use books.

Nice, strong base with loot behind walls. In my experience, miners cannot really get loot from this base because spreading them would make them really weak. Some people would just spam miners and 3 star the base, spending 400k elixir in the process. If I barched this base in the normal fashion, I would probably sacrifice one side of the base and get 400-500k loot. If I were using miners, that would be my approach as well and hopefully I get 400-500k as well, which means I spent 200k extra elixir for the same profit.

With QW barch, it was really easy and cheap to get almost all the loot. I missed one gold mine because of poor planning and using a ww to get it wouldn’t make sense. This is one of the major advantages of maxing your AQ so quickly, she can contribute a ton in your future farming raids

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