Rage spell lvl5 completed. I previously said that rage spells are quite worthless to upgrade, with each upgrade being a mere 3% increase. I’m just upgrading it now because that small increase might one day help in war. The cost is also a non-issue now as I am working my way to maxed walls. After maxing walls, elixir becomes useless so I can spend on anything I like.

Rage spell instantly upgraded to lvl6 using a book. Skipped 11.5 days here.

Lvl6 rage should have been much stronger, to supplement TH12 troops. As I previously mentioned, TH12 is really weak compared to TH11. Warden can give about 200 hp to each troop. Rage spell should give a 20% boost compared to TH11. Since lvl5 rage spell is a 270% increase in strength, lvl6 should be about 325%. This would allow TH12 to be much stronger compared to TH11

Bat spell going to max now. I may use mass witches + bats sometimes in war now. Since my clan is only in Crystal 1/2 now, that army is actually excellent against those bases I face.

Managed to spend a ton of elixir and DE here. Still have some gold to spend for my next upgrade

BK going to complete in 2 days, I will need to farm another 100k DE in 2 days. I can only spend my gold in another day, I’m pretty sure I will overflow really soon


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