I have 3 teslas upgrading right now as I slowly bring them to max level. I will most probably only upgrade them to lvl9 (TH11) then use books to bring them to lvl10. This way, I can keep using books

My teslas are upgrading to lvl8 right now which are TH10 level. They take 6 days to complete. TH8 has 3 levels of teslas and they used to cost 6+8+10 days which is far more expensive than what we pay for in TH10/11 right now. People used to say ABT (always be tesla-ing) because if you did not, you’ll be stuck as a TH8 with maxed everything except teslas. TH8 used to take 3 months to complete and one of those months was purely used to upgrade teslas.

Now they only cost 1+2+3 days which is the old lvl4 cost. On the other hand, TH10 only costs 6 days and TH11 only 10 days. Teslas and air defenses used to take the longest time to upgrade but now have been reduced dramatically. I think this small tidbit of old clash has been forgotten by most players

Walls nearly done!

Lvl11: 4*9 = 36mil

Lvl12: 49*5 = 245mil

Total = 281mil

I’m going to max walls soon, pretty excited to do so. I can schedule my upgrades at my own will after that


  1. Hey I started playing again after a 5 year break in mid May with a mid TH9 and level 11 queen. I found your guide through Reddit somehow and have been following it since. It’s mid July now and I just maxed my queen! Being able to queenwalk Barch with max barbs and archers is actually so much fun it made the grind worth it (I gemmed time sometimes and used books whenever I could). Now that I’m TH12 I can use my books on 14 day upgrades instead of 3 or 4 day upgrades too. I would never have thought to rush this hard if it weren’t for your guides so thank you for bringing the fun back to the game. In CWL I gained way less stars than I gave up (crystal 3) despite almost getting kicked out of my clan because people said I would get 3 starred by town hall 10s (didn’t even get 3 starred by a single town hall 12 and many wars they didn’t even bother spending a single attack on me at all). I just used bases from itzu. I’m sure a lot of other people have had so much more fun with the game from your guides too so thanks for putting the work in and making an effort to reach out to other people like me and help them


    • People like you are the main reason why I write these guides and posts. Many people than I can ever imagine get so much value out of these guides. I never thought that I could ever come close to scratching the maxer mantra but it seems that I have made my mark. People still do not learn to think but at least people like you find my guides and gain so much benefit.

      I’m glad that I’ve helped you and hope you the best


    • Wait, queen from level 11 to level 65 in 3 months (may-july), how is that possible? Being someone who maximizes efficiency in every way possible, I still can’t fathom how that can be done.


  2. Off topic. But I looked at your base and is there a reason why you have 13 gems in your gem mine right now (while your other collectors are empty)?


    • Just an old “myth” I guess. Collectors generally do not count decimal places, so if you have 1200.3 DE in your drill, you will lose the 0.3 every time you collect from your drill.

      However, Darian has come out and said that they do keep decimal places for gem mine. His example is always “if you have 14.7 gems in the mine, you will have 0.7 after collection”. The criticism here is that how many decimal places do they keep? What if my gem mine is 14.79? Does it go to 0.7 or 0.79 after collection? We may never know.

      Anyway, it shouldn’t matter too much either way. Nobody is entirely sure how it works anyway.


  3. Sorry but I still don’t quite understand how saving up gems in the mine helps you maximize efficiency, even if decimal places were cut off.

    Also I think Darian meant that any fraction of a gem is saved, so you would still have 0.79 gems left.


    • Let’s say your decimal places were cut off. If there you collect your gem mine every day and it produces 4.8/day. You only get 4 per day. If you only collect it every 3 days, you get 4.8*3 = 14.4 ~ 14 gems per 3 days which is more than the 4 you would get if decimal places were cut off


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