Just another picture here, still upgrading a few teslas here until they are all lvl9/10. My wizard towers are extremely weak but most of my defenses are electro loon which I think I should prepare more for, especially for CWL as well. I’ll probably upgrade 1-2 AD while working on traps after warden is done.

I only have 2 lvl11 walls remaining, the rest are higher level. Can you find them?

Warden going to lvl37 already, I want to try and max him soon then I can funnel all my elixir into walls instead of saving some for warden. If you think QW + barch is awesome, try it with warden as well. He allows barch to run through whale bases

Lvl11: 2*9 = 18mil

Lvl12: 46*5 = 230mil

Total = 248mil

Compared to 3 days ago, I farmed 33*0.8 = about 26.4mil loot after accounting for the 20% discount.

People think walls are hard because they don’t know how to farm. If you farm properly with barch, you can attack twice every time you login. Even with QW + barch and queen dies, you can simply look for a base to barch and save the healers. Doing so, you can earn 1mil/1mil every time you login the game and upgrade 2 walls every 4 logins. This is how I mainly farm despite a heavy schedule.

I can still quite easily open the game twice before I leave for work, once in lunch, once in dinner and twice after work. This allows me to upgrade walls and heroes easily. It is only hard if you make it hard

Chose the best options out of the bunch. Clock tower potion because of BH9, gems because gems, builder potion because it is one of the best magic items. Then I chose book of fighting to upgrade something in lab which is more flexible than spells and book of heroes to complete warden


  1. hello Sin I just want to ask how can I start rushing. I maxed my th7 except lvl 2 rage, lvl 3 heal, hogs, minions, healers are lvl 1 , loons and gobs lvl 3. I am upgrading to Th8 and I want to know if I can still rush from where I am now
    should I just not upgrade any defences from now ? thanks


  2. Hello sin, i wanted to ask if it is possible to join your clan as a rusher? It’s kind of difficult to find clans that accept rushers, so i was wondering if it was possible that i could join your clan. I am currently a th11 with bk lvl 20, aq lvl 33 and gw lvl 16


  3. I am in a clan called War Angels (lvl 14) most of them are really nice, but like they have the most idiotic thoughts, one said to me (he is max th9) “i just upgrade most expensive thing i can afford”! Should i stay (they give max donations) or should i try for a FWA clan? Thanks
    Btw i just got to th8 gonna rush to th9


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