Wrote most of this last week but didn’t publish it before I went for a long break. Now I’m back from the break and will try to post twice per day

Pictures from: 30th June 2019

Not sure why I took this screenshot, likely to show my upgrading teslas

Ah, yes its to show the upgrade timers of teslas. I found it funny that lvl7 to lvl8 costs only 4.5 days while lvl8 to 9 costs 8 days (both after discount). The former being a TH10 upgrade while the latter being a TH11 upgrade. The time difference is really stark. This is why people can max TH10 defenses so quickly. I still can’t shake my old notion that TH10 defenses cost at least 12 days. Those days are long gone and now people can progress faster than ever. Yet we see maxers taking 3-4 years to max out, its so dumb.

Forgotten to take a picture of the special offer but only after buying it. Here’s the offer:

I bought the $10 offer with 2 book of building and 2 book of heroes. That allowed me to finish warden really quickly and have one spare for BK

Here it is:

3 book of heroes, going to use them quickly to max warden

My first ever research potion from an event. Cutting 9 hours off my lab, yay! At least its “free”. For me, a research potion is far better than training/resource/power potions but seems like most people like training and power potions. Research potion, while extremely weak, is still the best out of the 4 potions listed

Resources overflowing, I’m ready to spend my loot

20 hours to go for warden and I’m already full on everything except elixir. I guess I’ll need to take a 67% penalty to farm the remaining elixir for warden. At least I still have like a day or two of the gold pass, so he only costs 9.6mil

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