With maxed warden, farming just became a lot more fun. No replays right now and unfortunately no time to record any replays. Barch guide that I promised still having no videos 😦 I’ll try to work on it the coming weeks since I have 3 weeks of free time now.

DE close to overflowing and I refused to buy another book from the shop. Since I was on a trip to Jogyakarta during this picture, I was glad I didn’t need to farm DE for BK. I just attacked 2-3 times per day to keep my builder busy.

Focusing too much on defense here, I didn’t upgrade traps. The final levels of traps seem not too worth it because they get so expensive and don’t gain much strength. My archer towers, cannons and WT would probably give more value than traps. For general defense, traps would win because they are hidden and don’t provide intimidation. However, my loot will soon overflow once my walls are maxed so I have no use for gold/elixir. I should focus on CWL defense and there air defenses and AT should provide more protection

These are just retrospective musings. I actually went ahead and upgraded traps after xbow and teslas were TH11 level.

Lvl11: 0 walls left

Lvl12: 37*5 = 185mil

I think I can finally consider myself “maxed walls for TH11” eh? I always upgrade walls unevenly because I can be flexible in upgrading them. If I have 7.5mil loot and my walls cost 4mil, I can only upgrade one wall and have 3.5 remaining. If I have walls that cost 3.2 and 4mil, I can upgrade 2 walls and have only 300k remaining. This is really important for loot management otherwise I would waste loot by overflowing it.

Compared to 4 days ago, I have farmed 63mil. May seem impressive, but remember that about 30mil came from the season bank reward and I got some discounts for the remainder 33mil. Probably farmed in the ballpark of 30mil g/e in 4 days which really isn’t impressive (~4mil gold + ~4mil elixir per day)


  1. Hello sin, I’m a new th9 with 10/6 (currently upgrading to level 7) heroes. And i have a serius problem: i literally CAN’T find any DE. I average about 600 de per raid, IT’S LIKE A TH7!! All the dead bases i found ither have low level drills or their drills in the middle of the base.

    thropies: around 1400
    Attack strat: Barch (95 barbs (lvl6)+105 arch (lvl5)=200 space)
    average (last 16 raids): 613 de

    Can you give me some tips or so it would really help. I’m a bit of an optimist of what my army can cope with so that can be why and I pretty bad at estimating how mutch there actually are in the drills. yep so that was basically it.


    • Just be calm and keep farming, use the elixir to get stronger and use your barch to slowly push to about 1800-2000. You should find a little better DE there

      TH9 DE sucks, don’t be disheartened. Once you finish all key upgrades go to TH10 and you should easily farm 15-20k DE per hour


      • thank you for the response,I am actually finding better de right now but i totally forgot that I would get the season bank today so now i’m sitting with full gold/elixir and i can’t upgrade anythinguntil late tonight…yeah..


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