Went to Jogya and forgotten to take any pics of my base. I also didn’t play too much while traveling which worked great for me since I have 240k DE for BK ready. Keeping builders busy is one of the easiest things in this game. You only need 1mil/day as a rusher and only 2-3mil per day even while working on maxed TH12 upgrades. This is why I scoff at people who say “Titans is good because I can keep my builders busy”. You can literally boost collectors, raid twice a day for master league star bonus and keep builders busy.

I upgraded defenses because I was traveling and traps costed more gold. This picture was taken on 6th of July 2019 (you can always hover over the pictures or right click + open pic in new tab/window to see when it was taken) and my BK was almost lvl53. Right now on 31st July, my BK is lvl59. Almost 6 levels in a month! People still tell me how hard heroes are but you can easily work on 6-7 levels in a month. Tedious, maybe. But as long as you have patience, you can easily complete your heroes.

At this rate I would finish my heroes before end of Aug means I maxed my heroes in my first year of playing the game.

Attack log: (tomorrow)

There was a drag and baby drag event at this time and I used a power potion to raid dead bases. At least the power potion was worth it for the last 2 raids (the 2 on top). Unfortunately farming like this is not worth it even with a 90% cost reduction because of the training time of these troops. If you are just farming casually (1 login per hour), then just spam mass baby drag and snipe collectors for loot. Even lvl1 baby drag is stupidly strong, which is how TH9/10 get stars from maxed TH12 bases

Tomorrow’s post is a little long so I placed my attack logs a little earlier.

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