Witches lvl4 completed in lab, proceeded to upgrade her to lvl5. If you noticed, I farmed 180k for BK 2 days ago and today I have 160k ready for maxed witches. Decent farming there after coming back from vacation (and a tiny break from clash)

As I made in the remark a day or two ago, upgrading pekka was a mistake here because I chose to upgrade freeze spell afterwards. Pekka is only useful at lvl8 (maxed) and anything below is worthless. After freeze spell is maxed, I am still debating whether to upgrade pekkas to max or hog riders. Hog riders seem to be the meta right now but it may be nerfed right after I maxed them.

Its not just which is more viable though, it is also about cost. Pekkas cost elixir which is great because it overflows. DE is harder to farm because it is competing with BK and I don’t find it interesting just to farm DE with overflowing gold+elixir. Pekka gets a vote in this regard. I’ll make the decision after maxing freeze spell, so it will only impact me after Aug’s CWL.

Nothing much change in 3 days, defenses take far longer to be stronger/different compared to offense. This is why I say rushers shouldn’t work on defenses, the payoff is way too slow and late, if it even exists

Just 11 lvl12 walls remaining which costs 55mil. Upgraded 22 walls in 8 days

This time I farmed this legitimately without season bank rewards. I might have used some wall rings but I am not too sure. I was able to farm this much because of all the cheap, short upgrades which allowed me to dump loot constantly. With 1-2 builders coming free every day, I could upgrade 2-4 walls per day if I farm enough. I might max my walls in another 4 days or so.


  1. Hello Sin, I’m currently a th10 with maxed collectors, max barch and miners for th10, and heroes are B/Q 12/30. I have a few questions. Should I upgrade my Queen to max before upgrading to th11? Do I need to/Should I upgrade my King more? And should I dump all of my Gold and Elixer from the gold pass into walls? I would love to hear your take on what I should do. Thanks in advance!


    • I would say just go to TH11. I usually dump all my season pass loot into walls but if you have extra builders then just do some expensive upgrades. It takes 3 months to max warden (65-75 days with season pass) to max warden, your AQ should be nearly maxed when he is done


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