Just a brief look at my base before I go on to the main topic

BK was upgrading throughout the entire CWL and despite that I was able to 3 star all enemy bases. My offense was just way too strong compared to my competitors. The problem with our clan in CWL is that our mid-low bases are quite bad attackers. I do acknowledge that we are just a casual clan so we just do our best. We were promoted to Crystal 1 and today we will start there. My only hope is to float around C1, I don’t think my team can do well in Masters at all.

Maxers are always hypocritical and favor defenses much more than offense. They would see someone in TH10 with 25/25 heroes and claim that the player did not rush as long as they have at least TH9 defenses. Yet when we turn around and show a TH10 with TH7 defenses but 40/40 heroes, they would cry foul and say “rushed”. This is the sort of cognitive dissonance that I don’t understand. They can agree how important offense is, but they judge whether a base is rushed or not by looking at your defenses.

As I previously said, not maxed = rushed, it is pretty black and white. Does it mean that rushed is bad? No. It just means that people do not want the “rushed” title being applied to them because it somehow has a negative connotation. This is why I am fighting back against this stigma to ensure that rushers are treated fairly in the game.

This is the post that let me think about this:

Instead of congratulating the player for maxing walls, a lot of criticism was leveled towards the level of defenses. It doesn’t matter if the player is TH12 and lvl11 walls, but if we turn it around and show something like the above, people will say “holy shit your defenses”. Some idiots will also say why do you neglect defenses and upgrade walls, not knowing that they cost completely difference resources. Defenses cost time while walls cost gold/elixir, they are not comparable at all. People also forget about opportunity cost, upgrading defenses = neglecting offense because they both take time. You can have TH10 offense + defense or TH12 offense + TH9 defense, one is far superior to the other. Just look at my post on CWL to figure out which is better.


  1. Strategic rushing has been treated badly by the majority of clashers.

    Once they’re proven that max heroes and max walls are not completely rush, they will say that “Youre a gemmer!”. Once they’re proven that you dont gem resources, they will say “You use bot for farming!”. Once they’re proven that you didn’t use bot, they will say “You have no life!”. You can never win an argument.


  2. hi again I am TH8 I am 2/3d away from doing my last offensive upgrades, but still have barb, giant, loon to do since I have only done archer since coming to Th8. I accidently had heal spell upgrading which was 3d, while lab was 1d, so 2 wasted days. should I rush to th9 as soon as barb is done or should I wait for loon / giant

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