Verdict: really poor packs, don’t bother. You’re paying a premium for things that should be cheap. Fight night is the only useful pack here but at USD$2, you can almost buy a season pass which will be far more worthwhile.

Currently at end of July, the current packs are useless as well. They give almost the same thing as the packs above, so its quite safe to skip them. Anniversary event will start after I write this so I’ll just make an impromptu post about the packs if they are better. Fingers crossed

Used a book here to skip 11 days of xbow upgrade. This picture was taken on 12th of July and I have earned the 20% discount from the season pass. The season is great that you can get the 20% discount in the first 10-15 days and enjoy it from there. I can’t tell you how valuable the discount is, allowing you to upgrade heroes cheap and faster, upgrade walls cheaper and allow you as a TH12 to skip storage upgrades to upgrade stuff.

The 20% discount from the gold pass affects both the cost and the upgrade time so there is no net increase or decrease in how much you need to farm per day. This is quite obvious but some people have the wrong idea.

Eg. an upgrade originally costs 5mil + 5days resulting in 1mil/day. With the discount, it costs 4mil + 4days resulting in the same 1mil/day

This is why it still costs 25k DE/day for AQ lvl1-51 regardless of having the season pass or not. The difference here is that AQ will take about 270 days to get to lvl65 instead of 330.


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