With maxed walls and cheap defenses, the only grind is farming 240k DE/week for BK (or 196k in 5.6 days). This is about 35k DE/day which isn’t too hard really when I target at least 5k DE/raid. Plus 8k from drills and I barely need to raid 5 times to get the DE for BK. However, my plan to upgrade ice golems after freeze is maxed which will increase my DE requirements to about 50k DE/day. That isn’t a lot admittedly.

However, the problem is finding the motivation to farm because of full gold+elixir. It is also fairly liberating in a sense that I don’t need to find a 500/500/5k raid and just need to find anything with 5k DE. I just don’t like farming for one single resource while overflowing the rest, wasteful but necessary.

BK and defenses still upgrading here. I did a 180 afterwards and used all my builders on traps before realising that traps are probably less efficient than defenses in terms of cwl defense. I then did another 180 and focused back on defenses. Pretty indecisive here but at least no matter what I’m progressing. Since whatever I do I’m barely making any meaningful progress, it really doesn’t matter how efficient I am right now with almost every important thing maxed.

Unfortunately defenses are still really useless in this game despite all the new game modes added. CWL might seem to emphasize defensive strength, however people forget that you must sacrifice offense to gain defense. Opportunity cost is everything and if you haven’t read my post about it, you can read it here below

Opportunity cost

People forget that in order to upgrade any defense, even if you have maxed offense for your current town hall, you are giving up offense of your next town hall level. This is why I always say that staying in TH10 is tantamount to neglecting warden. Given two players that have 25/25 heroes at TH10 and maxed offense buildings, the player who rushed to TH11 first will have maxed warden and TH11 offense while the maxer would only have maxed TH10 defenses at the same time. Don’t forget that the rusher who went to TH11 first would have maxed infernos, xbows and eagle as well while waiting for warden.

Defenses also don’t protect loot as you always can see in my defense logs. This is one misconception that keeps getting spread around, that defenses actually protect loot. The problem is, even with maxed defenses you still lose a ton of loot. The marginal benefit of having stronger defenses makes no economical sense. Let’s say a maxer loses on average 200k per defense, which is much lower than what is usually reported. How much more can a rusher lose? Only 250k extra (max loot loss at TH11/12 is 450k). Is it worth it to spend months and hundreds of millions of gold just to reduce your loot loss by such a minuscule amount? Nope. If you look at my defense log, you will find that even as rushed as I am in the pictures, I do not lose much loot at all.


  1. Hey, I’m looking to start a account and rushing it to around th 11 or 12 just to try it out. What do you recommend for clans to join/where to find them cause most clans don’t want a rushed account imo.


  2. Your comments on maxed defenses not protecting loot is very true; today I attacked a TH11 (I’m a TH11) in multiplayer and the opponent had 21/22/12 BK/AQ/GW heroes and their troops and spells were not maxed for TH11, however they had maxed defenses for TH11.

    Didn’t stop me from getting the 3 star on the base and taking all the loot available.


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