Picture taken: 17th July. I completed the season pass challenges in about half a month. It honestly wasn’t very hard and I think most players can finish it around the same timeframe as well. Some people have proposed that there should be more rewards and to extend the line. However, I don’t think people will get what they ask for. SC might just increase the length while not really increasing the rewards. The season pass already provides $200-300 of value in $5 so more rewards isn’t very feasible. Just be glad that you only need 2600 points out of ~4600 to get all the rewards. I’m glad I don’t need to do more effort to get all my rewards.

Not sure how long it would take to complete the challenges in the August season, it is slightly longer than usual probably because of the anniversary. Currently just sitting on the clan war task and 3 days to the next set of tasks. Too bad there isn’t a 15% builder discount reward this time. We still have the 20% discount, but we might not be able to get it for the first two weeks of the season. No real complaints though, the 17 builder potions makes up for it really well.

Upgraded freeze in lab so I have less than 12mil elixir. Its a rarity for me to have so little elixir in my storages after maxing walls. Just have to deal with it and get used to it until TH13 is released.

At least with proper book use, I can max freeze in the beginning of the next CWL season. This would be much more helpful for all attacks I will use in the future compared to pekkas. It is really hard to tell which troops are getting nerfed in the next update. SC tentatively scheduled the next update to be after summer so if I start to upgrade pekkas and they get nerfed before I get to use them, it would be a total waste of lab time.

The safest bet is to work on ice golems after freeze spell because they seem the most ubiquitous among all ground troops. Lava hound seems ok too since laloon is coming back in fashion. Pekka and hogs I would say are risky investments for now, I wouldn’t upgrade them until after the next update.

Maxers often say they want to max all troops so that they don’t need to be afraid of nerfs/buffs however this is extremely flawed and I think I will explain it in another post as this is getting long.

Got the skin for AQ. Personally I don’t like this compared to the armored AQ, something about this redhead isn’t appealing to me. I’ll use this skin for the season and probably change back to gladiator AQ after this season ends.

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