Prepared an electro army before I sleep for war attack early in the morning. This is what you should do for war so that you don’t jeopardize your farming time during the day. For regular wars, since there are two attacks, I try to sneak one attack before sleep and one after I wake so that my heroes are available for both attacks. Otherwise I would need to wait for heroes which would cut into my farming time.

Used a book to instantly complete BK57. Right now I need to farm 66k more for the next BK level. This picture was taken on 18th July when I was having a vacation in Fukuoka, Japan. As a result, I wasn’t able to farm the 66k DE quickly. It isn’t too bad though, at least I saved around 4 days of BK upgrade time using a free book.

I don’t like miners because of bases like these. With barch, I can quite easily break through walls on all 4 sides and just use maybe 2 heals + 1 rage. Even better now because QW can take half the loot by herself easily. But with miners, they are really weak in dealing with bases like this. Focusing on one side and 3 starring the base is no good because they need spells otherwise the attack would fail. Spreading miners out like barch would make them very weak.


Took the loss, making this a glorified barch army with 3x the cost


  1. Do you think pushing trophies for league bonus is viable? I imagine there could still be 1 mil/1 mil bases (from maxed guys) in Titan 1 or do you think this is just bait.


    • Can you get loot and the bonus from maxed guys without heroes? A good farmer keeps all 3 heroes upgrading, that’s the problem with farming in high leagues

      When TH12 was released, I completed all 30 hero levels in a month. Most players in titans and legends at the time took 2-4 months to achieve the same. When 65/65/40 heroes were released, I completed my heroes in 4 days. Legend players took a month and 4 hammers to do the same.

      If hero progress is important to you, titans is not a good idea. The same players I talk about above have even worse wall progress, and these players are usually maxers who say that walls are not important


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