Somehow skipped day 300, but my day count isn’t very accurate anyway. 26th Sept 2019 is the anniversary of this account so let’s see how accurate my day count is by then.

Currently capped gold while waiting for defenses to complete. Builders only cost around 1mil/builder/day which is really cheap. This value decreases as you go up in TH levels because the gold cost increases much slower than the time cost. Let’s take air defenses as an example:

Air defenseTH levelGoldTimeGold/day

Ignoring the first few TH levels, you can see that the price peaks at TH8/9 and decreases after that. This is why it seems like it is easier to keep builders busy at higher TH levels. If you have 5 builders working, it would only take you 4mil gold/day to keep all of them busy. With maxed collectors, it drops to 3.2mil gold/day. Farming around crystal 2 with barch, you only need 5-6 raids + star bonus to have enough loot to keep builders busy. If you boost collectors, you only need to do 4-5 raids/day. This is why I say keeping builders busy is super easy and people in Titans shouldn’t say “farming in Titans is good, I can easily keep builders busy”.

With long upgrade times, the hard part is actually trying to manage the builders so that they complete every 2-3 days. This is where rushing comes in. You can upgrade defenses asymmetrically, for example upgrading lvl6/7 AD and lvl9 AD at the same time. This allows you a lot of leeway while planning your builders, maybe only one builder/week who completes a 14 day upgrade while the other builders are working on cheap 2-3 day upgrades.

I really miss this when I was upgrading my main account who was maxed TH11. Keeping builders busy was a chore because everything costs 10-12mil and 14 days. Once the update dropped, I had 2 builders working on defenses while needing to farm the rest to keep builders busy. Then after builders were busy, there was a gap of 10 days where I had no builders. That was inevitable because it is the fastest way to finish all defenses.

Managed to farm enough DE for BK about 3 days ago so he’s now going to lvl58. I started upgrading traps now, since my air bombs and giant bombs were nearly maxed. Bombs and spring traps still have a few levels to go but they are relatively less important. Tesla upgrading so that I have one builder working on a long upgrade.

Freeze spell going to lvl5 already, which is the TH10 max. One bad thing about SC’s design was to introduce 5 levels of freeze spell. I have no idea why they wanted to do that because a 3 level freeze would serve the same function for less upgrade time. Fortunately they decreased the upgrade time significantly now so it only takes about 2 weeks to get lvl5. It used to cost a month to get it to lvl5, stupid design.

Another stupid thing about freeze spell is that even lvl1-2 can freeze and stop the strongest defenses in their tracks. This is how we see TH10 two-starring maxed TH12s using their overpowered freeze. TH10 freeze is about 82% as strong as maxed TH12 freeze so the last two levels don’t make much of a difference. Using this, a TH10 can stop large sections of a TH12 base

My suggestion is that at TH11 onwards, defenses start to be immune to freeze spell and you need to upgrade it further to reduce this immunity. For example, instead of 5 second freeze in TH11, it should be around 7 seconds. However, all TH11 defenses can reduce freeze duration by 2 seconds so it balances back to 5 second freeze. However, a TH10 using their weak freeze will only freeze TH11 defenses for 2.5 seconds instead of the usual 4.5. Similar thing is applied to TH12, freeze spell lvl7 should have 10 second duration while all defenses have 4 second immunity. This makes TH12 freeze work for 6 seconds while TH11 is reduced to 2 seconds and TH10 freeze barely works on TH12 defenses. And if a TH12 uses their freeze on someone with TH10 defenses (can be a rusher as well, not necessarily a TH10), the TH12 enjoys an epic 10 second freeze.

Do you think this is a good idea? I think it is because it balances upgrading offense vs defense such that both are rewarded.


    • I strongly think that they should limit troop/spell donations. Things at TH15 for example shouldn’t be given to TH10 to crush TH11. I think SC gimps troop upgrades because they can be donated. Under my new suggestion, TH8 can only receive lvl1 freeze (TH9 max) which only has 3 second duration, not too strong for TH8 at all


  1. i think something else that could be done would be that the troops you recieve dont depend on the th level but on the cc lvl. Also what would happen with siege machines at th10?


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