Day 305

10 months since starting the game, I have maxed my walls and nearly maxed my heroes. With 2-3 maxed war armies, I’m doing very well in CWL and regular wars. Imagine if I maxed out each TH level, I would barely be a TH10 right now, if I haven’t quit the game yet. I traded defense for offense and have not “suffered” the consequences of weak defense. After doing some math, I would max out defenses in about 19 months without magic items. Hopefully I can max out within 18 using some magic items. However with the expensive price of builder potions in the cwl shop, it will be a little hard.

Here’s a link to my current progress

I think tracks my progress so that you can see it at all times. Feel free to follow my progress this way.

Defenses are surprisingly quick to upgrade. One reason being the April 2019 change which benefited me hugely. Maxers at that point have completed all low level upgrades which got the biggest reductions while I enjoyed all discounts on defenses. The huge change actually moved my trajectory and boosted me 2-3 months ahead of a comparable maxer.

Shifted my focus to traps at this point of time instead of working on defenses. However, at this point regular defense is pointless to me so I want to have some good defenses for CWL. Traps are useful in regular defense because I look weak and a weaker attacker will find me first. The problem is, regular defense is meaningless for me now after maxing walls since loot isn’t a problem anymore.

Despite not working on defenses, I was not 3 starred at all in all my 7 defenses in this Aug CWL season. Just goes to show how useless and pointless upgrading defenses really is. The reason I was not 3 starred may be due to my weak defenses in the first place, because 2 of my enemies used much weaker attackers to hit me and resulted in 2 star attacks. Looking weak may still prove useful in the coming seasons. It would be really funny if my defensive performance suffer after upgrading defenses for another 2-3 months.

I’m currently farming strictly for DE only. Gold and elixir is overflowing so I don’t need to worry about that. Miners are only good if you’re stuck in a situation like me. Even then, QW barch seems cheaper but trains slower. After BK is maxed, I won’t need to farm much anymore. I can do 2-3 attacks per day and keep all builders and lab busy. That is a terrifying prospect.

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