Bought a builder potion here because some builders are ending while I sleep. I don’t like having builders completing at 12 midnight and they would be sleeping until 5-6am. I don’t like sleeping builders, especially if they sleep while I sleep. I always try to have builders completing when I’m free but sometimes I can’t plan well or don’t have the time to plan.

Builders used to take exact days to complete, eg. 5 days/9 days/10 days; and not 5.5 days/7.5 days. It is now worse with the gold pass decreasing costs by 10/15/20% which make upgrade times almost random. This makes it really hard to keep track on when builders are completing and I sometimes allow my builders to sleep for a few hours before I restart them on the next project.

In the past, I would fix all my builder times at 6.30-7am so that I can check every day and start an upgrade before work. I could even boost farm for an hour if I don’t have enough loot to start the next upgrade. Now that upgrade times can span all times of the day, I don’t have the luxury of good planning anymore.

Anyway, the builder potion I bought was a scam because I forgotten…

… that there was a free builder potion from the clan game rewards which I forgotten. That’s some wasted medals

120 medals = 336 hours saved (270 with gold pass) if you buy a hammer of fighting

30 medals = 84 hours saved (62 with gold pass)

Using 30 medals to save 45 hours vs 62 hours of lab

The comparison is actually closer than what I thought. I guess it really isn’t a waste to buy builder potions if you have nothing much to upgrade in lab. Trust me, after 12-15 months of working the lab, the remainder is mostly fluff

Freeze spell lvl5 nearly done in the lab. I will upgrade to lvl6 next and use a book to complete lvl7. Maxed freeze before Aug CWL

DE is almost full and BK still needs a couple of days to cook.

Working on all the traps now, which isn’t bad per se but the value isn’t as good as regular defenses. Bombs gain minuscule damage while archer towers gain more dps. Bombs only activate once, if its even activated while archer towers generally can fire off a few shots before it gets destroyed. The cost:benefit tilts towards my low level AT, WT and AD for now which is my focus afterwards

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