Yay, a ton of loot without anyway to spend it. In the past, I would upgrade 10 walls using this loot but now obviously I can’t do that anymore. Now I’m left with 37/37mil with nowhere to spend it. I spent about a week without any means of spending loot, depressing times.

Bought the next gold pass and saw that the 10% discount is 120 points away. Since there are no easy tasks this time around, I can’t achieve that easily so I just proceeded with my upgrades without the discount.

Only took one picture here because I forgotten. Basically I used gems to complete BK because it is cheaper to gem the 5 day upgrade. I then upgraded him to lvl61 and used a book to finish the lvl61 upgrade. After that, I started the upgrade to lvl62. At least my DE is now empty but it is tough farming just DE while my gold and elixir overflows.

A look of my base at the end of the day. Oh look, I’m in champs now

BK going to lvl62 now, he will be maxed in another 2-3 weeks. I’m a little excited about this prospect


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