Split my post because it was getting really long

First time reaching champs on this account and I have only started 10 months ago. I could’ve done this achievement about 3 months ago but I was lazy. I don’t get why people in TH8/9 want to suffer so hard just to reach champs, unless they need the gems for the 5th builder which is understandable. If you prioritize well, you could climb to champs/titans/legends with ease in the right time.

A lot of people even say maxing TH9 and pushing to legends is one of the best things they did. If they truly like doing so then more power to them. Yet most people don’t like that and find that process arduous and pointless.

2000 gems, the only reason why someone should push to champs. Unless you’re a TH9 with 4 builders, there’s no reason to get this achievement. Now I have my extra gems, I can use them towards my further progress.

Attack logs:

Focusing 100% on DE for these raids because I was farming for my BK. I went for more 3 stars as I approached champs and want to get the gems. The -25 loss was due to an unfortunate disconnect at about 319x trophies, that really pissed me off.

If you have maxed walls and purely going for DE, miners are reasonable at TH10/11. However without warden, miners are too weak to be used at TH12. Most people can agree that the same army comp just flounders and flops at TH12. This is because of their abysmal growth without the warden. They only have 870 hp without warden and get 1495 with maxed warden. However, as a new TH12 you should be upgrading warden 24/7 until he is maxed so they become unfeasible for farming. If you are using them just for dead bases, then there is no point using a more expensive barch

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