The 7th Anniversary pack was a complete joke. I didn’t cover it because it was obviously horrendous and ridiculously priced. I was holding out for a pack containing 2-3 book of heroes but this sort of value? No way.

For those who want a more in depth explanation on why the packs were complete garbage, here’s the explanation. You usually spend money on this game to buy gems and use those gems to skip the wait timer on upgrades. Buying resources directly is a stupidly expensive thing to do and costs disproportionately more gems to do so. Resources are also super easy to farm, making buying them directly useless.

The first pack costing $20 (RM80) gives only a book of heroes and book of building while giving you 10mil gold + rune of DE “for free”. Book of heroes is worth at most 500 gems while BoB is worth about 1000 gems. Buying this pack essentially means that you are paying $20 which normally can buy 2500 gems to buy only 1500 gems + a small amount of resources.

The second pack is even more egregious. You are only buying 2 book of everything, which has about the same value as 1000-2000 gems; and your probably paying the majority of $50 to buy a total of 61.5mil/61.5mil gold and elixir. Why the hell would you spend $50 to buy resources in this game?

The packs were so bad that everyone in both reddit and the forums just said, “seems like SC doesn’t want our money this year”. Well, I hoped you saved your money here because it was definitely not worth it. Especially since we just had the best ever season challenge reward. If you want to spend money, just $5 is enough to trump the value of the above offers.

There were many great packs throughout the year in 2018 but barely any good ones in 2019 and I cannot understand why. I’ll just show one offer from the past which was very good

This was the Xmas offer of last year and it was really amazing. I’ll just show you the best one among the bunch which was the $10 (RM40) pack. You get the normal 1200 gems for $10 and you get 5 free builder potions and 7.5mil gold. These builder potions are worth 225 free builder hours

In the beginning phases of these special offers, all packs were like this. You would receive the normal amount of gems for buying the pack ($10 for 1200 gems for example) and you would receive bonus resources on top which were great. When magic items were introduced, gems were slowly phased out in these special offers in favor of magic items. This is obviously another layer of deception for consumers so that SC masks the true value of the special offers. Since the introduction of magic items, it has been exceedingly rare to find packs which contain both gems and magic items which provide the biggest value.

Oh well, at least we have the season challenge now. The gold pass is just too worth it, making almost all special offers bad now.

Now I have overflowing loot because of the season bank and very few ways to actually spend this loot. Most of my defenses cost 1-2mil which will only slowly drain my resources. It took me about a week to drain my gold below 12mil and I expect that to happen almsot every season from now on. At least I can eventually spend my loot unlike my higher accounts.

At least I was able to spend my DE to upgrade BK but this ability would soon be stripped. After he is maxed, I will have no way of spending DE unless I farm using bowitch. I might use it but the 40min training time is really discouraging.

I never expected champs 3 to have such great loot. However, I probably wouldn’t get so much if I didn’t have maxed AQ and warden. If you have maxed AQ and warden, just come here and earn a ton of loot. Unless you are farming with electro, you probably won’t have the power to farm here without heroes. And if you are farming with electro, these bases while still good, will lose to barch because of the long electro training time

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