Well, got a free research potion from an event so I’m using it.

This is used to clear out my builder potion inventory

And now, I got 5 more. This season pass is giving 17 free builder potions, which is equivalent to 6.5 days on all 5 builders or a total of 765 hours saved. This is really amazing value on top of the 20% builder discount. The 20% discount is what made builder potions so broken because you get an absolute discount on top of a 20% discount.

Usually discounts in real life and most games work multiplicatively, meaning two 20% discounts will work as 1 – (0.8*0.8) = 36% discount instead of a 40% discount. Using builder potions while you have the 20% discount active means that you reduce more hours on top of the 20% discount. A 100 hour building will get discounted to 80 hours then 71 hours after using a builder potion.

After using a research potion, my freeze spell completed so I can upgrade it again

Since its the final level, its time to use a book to skip the 10 day wait time.

Ice golem going to max now. Not sure if its a good idea because my higher accounts have stopped using ice golems in war attacks now. Nonetheless my current plan is to max this out first for donations and certain usage. It also has only 5 levels which is perfect for book usage. I plan to only upgrade it to lvl3 normally and use books to bring it instantly to lvl5. I have one book in my treasury and one extra in this season’s reward.

My conundrum comes after ice golems, because I don’t know what to upgrade next. Both pekkas and hogs are valid upgrades and are sometimes combined. My worry is that either might be nerfed in the next update/patch. My current plan is to upgrade pekkas first as they take a shorter amount of time and I can max them during the next CWL season. Hogs come second especially because my heal spell is not maxed yet. Does anyone have any input/opinions?

My troops:

Some people forget about opportunity cost and say “hur durr, why so weak golems and valks?”, while forgetting that I would need to sacrifice some levels of bowitch/electro loon to get some useless valks and golem levels. This is why maxing is ultimately harmful because you waste time upgrading troops that don’t matter in the end game. Lab time is a premium, you need to focus on specific troops rather than waste time in useless troops. At TH12, troops should be either at lvl1 or maxed, they shouldn’t be a mix of high and low levels otherwise it is pretty inefficient.

Quite good progress here, getting 100 stars for my clan in CWL. Being strong so early on is really good for CWL and before joining crystal 1, I was facing TH11s and was able to easily get 21 stars per season.

Same progress as yesterday. I was able to spend my elixir to max my freeze spell. Now I can start accruing elixir for season bank

BK nearly maxed now and I will get a book from season pass, I’m literally licking my lips now.

I’m actually defending better in champs than in low masters. I don’t understand why but I can speculate that people really underestimate me and the reduction in TH-matchmaking means that more TH11 find me. Then they get surprised by my unassuming strong defenses. Notice that my enemies don’t have maxed troops and are typically quite weak, even weaker than most enemies in masters.

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