Only remembered to take a shot of me destroying an enemy base. This gave me the idea to record all my attacks for the next season. So that you guys can see my hits and my misses. This season I was able to nab 18 out of 21 stars which I will post soon. I also only conceded one 3 star to my enemy while the rest only 1 or 2 starred me. It was amusing.

Scouted the enemy base and with my experience in legends I know that I can easily 3 star this with pekka bobat. However, my pekkas are only lvl2 which cannot be used. But this season actually gave us 3 free power potions which I only used 2 for CWL. A shame actually since I could’ve used 3 and probably bring my star total to 20.

This is a cookie cutter army which I use for my legends attack. I copied this from a youtube attack which was posted in reddit. It could be better optimized depending on base but its quite good as a generic army for every attack. It is actually fairly weak against some ring bases because pekkas don’t like to go into the center and usually runs the ring. Bat spells are also really bad at taking down the TH and giga tesla decimates them

In the future, I will record all my CWL attacks so that you guys can see my fails.

I had my BK awake for this attack because he just completed his upgrade today. I don’t use BK at all for my war attacks since I want him at lvl65 asap.

3 star!

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