I bought one these thinking that I would use it for ice golem lvl5. But then I saw that I have 2 book of fighting waiting to be used. This will probably sit in my inventory until I max out my pekkas. At least it will not be wasted and its cooldown will reset by the time I need a second one.

Hammer of fighting is currently the best magic item in the league shop if you are not upgrading heroes. If you are upgrading at least 2 heroes at a time, then builder potions are still a viable option.

I have gone over the math before but to summarize, with 2 heroes upgrading, each builder potion will cut down 18 hours of hero time which makes it worth it. If you have 3 heroes upgrading, then builder potions are still the undisputed best item in the league shop.

Hammer of fighting may sound good since you are reducing the lab bottleneck. However, you need to understand that you will max your functional lab after just 12-18 months of playing. After that, the lab is full of fluff that won’t have much use.

Same old base, same progress.

After using him for war yesterday, BK is now on his way to lvl63. There is a book of heroes in the season pass which I will use to skip lvl65. He’s now only 10 days away from maxed. I could use the free 17 builder potions to speed him up too

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