Resources overflowing again and I need some DE for BK. Unfortunately this means that I will need to waste all gold and elixir to farm some DE. This is an unfortunate side effect of maxing walls but I rather have this than to be a weak TH10 anyways. The problem of maxing is that I will face this problem multiple times in every single TH and each time would get more and more boring.

1 day to farm 25k DE, should be really easy.

And this is the reason why I need to farm DE. I spent 96k in lab and now I need to farm more for BK the next day. This is the reason why I was apprehensive to upgrade ice golems before pekka. He would compete with my BK for DE. Normally, it isn’t an issue because I would be farming hard for walls anyway. But with maxed walls, I need to farm despite full gold and elixir.

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