Been enjoying the 17 free builder potions this month. I always feel builder potions to be more rewarding than hammer of buildings despite the latter being more efficient after the nerf. Even though you earned the hammers by cwl, it doesn’t really feel that “earned” because the upgrade instantly completes. Builder potions on the other hand make me feel that I earned the upgrade despite it being less efficient.

With 6 builders though, builder potions are only 20% less efficient than hammer of buildings which make them a viable choice if you want to trade cwl medals for them.

With gold pass, hammer of building only saves 336*0.8 = 268.8 hours

Builder potions save 54 hours each with 6 builders and you can trade 4 per hammer. This means 120 medals = 216 hours

216/268.8 = 0.8

Thus, my goal now is to chase the 6th builder which is pretty hard. Currently:

  • No gear ups but all eligible for gear up
  • Giga tesla maxed
  • Cannon carts done
  • Builder machine lvl19 going to lvl20

Seems like I’m at least 2 months off. I think I can squeeze it in the next 1.5 months if I use some magic items properly. I think I will start documenting my builder base progress since that seems more interesting than seeing my defenses being upgraded

This is my base before using 2 builder potions in one day. Almost all defenses are going to complete and 3 of them will finish while I’m sleeping, that’s not good. Time to rectify that

Started a few defenses here and finally able to drain my gold storage. Unfortunately my builders will be tied up for about a day, unless I use more builder potions which I will. Before that, I would want to farm myself back to a reasonable gold amount, probably at least 7mil.

This is the results after 2 builder potions.

Builder potions get more efficient when you buy the gold pass and get the 20% discount. As long as you have the 20% discount, it doesn’t really matter when you use the builder potions (with or without the discount)


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