Upgrade to level 65? Yes!

Ability upgrade seems good, but I can never feel this. Maybe they should allow lvl70 hero to use ability twice, that should make TH13 much stronger.

Saved a book for this. People like to waste hammers for this but I always feel it to be wasteful because it is so inefficient. Instantly completed lvl65 BK here

Maxed heroes! Finally can use all 3 in all my raids, this also means that I can use any army I like without worry anymore. Elixir and DE are limitless resources now. Now I only need to farm 1bil gold in the next 7 months or so

These will definitely help me to max out TH12 soon. I still have 10 from this month to use

Now that my heroes are maxed, its time to use all 5 builders on defenses to quickly gain some defense. Its probably useless and I would actually defend worse as my defenses reach TH9-11 strength. We’ll see what happens by then

Now that I don’t have my BK to display, I’m just going to show off my lab progress beside my builder list. 5 upgrades going to complete in 1.5 days, this is going to be fun. I’ll prepare 12mil gold for it and I even have an extra rune of gold if I want to spend it. I just checked my season challenge rewards and realised that I would have 4 leftover runes this month.

With no walls to spend loot on, I would likely sell 2 of my home base runes for 100 gems. The builder base ones will be tough to micromanage. I’m thinking to use the elixir rune for a lab upgrade but I can’t use the gold rune except for builder base walls. Would a few walls be better than 50 gems? Seems unlikely

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