I’m currently just upgrading defenses and there really isn’t much to show in my base. After I catch up my base to the current day’s progress, I will slow down on daily journal updates since there isn’t much left to show. However, I will slowly write more guides and revamp the whole website. Stay tuned to more organized guides as I still have two months to write a ton of stuff.

Lots of short upgrades that I’m doing. As these upgrades slowly increase in time, I will have less and less builders to use. Things also become cheaper when I start working on TH11/12 upgrades compared to TH8-10 upgrades. Most TH11/12 upgrades take a long time and their gold/day ratio decreases.

An easy example would be to look at wizard tower upgrades.

Level (TH level)GoldTimeGold/day
6 (TH8)2.2mil2d1.1mil
7 (TH9)3.2mil3d1.08mil
8 (TH10)4.2mil4d1.05mil
9 (TH10)5.2mil6d866k
10 (TH11)9.2mil10d920k
11 (TH12)11.2mil14d800k

As you can see, the time cost increases faster than the gold cost, so TH11/12 upgrades actually become easier than TH8-10 upgrades. This is why people say that TH11/12 is easy. Furthermore, loot is better at TH11/12 so people will easily cap out their storages while waiting for these long upgrades.

There are certain exceptions to this rule such as archer towers and cannons which are the most expensive upgrades in the game. For these upgrades, the cost remains stable throughout the levels rather than increase or decrease. These upgrades cost about 1mil/day and if you have 5-6 builders, you will need to farm 5-6mil gold per day to keep builders busy. That is actually very easy if you are farming efficiently.

Unfortunately I am not farming efficiently right now so it can actually be a struggle. I’m farming using QW+miners in my current picture which is a fairly decent farming army. However, I switched to electros soon after which trains at half the speed and I’m stuck unable to farm during my free time. I will need to readjust my farming strategy if I want to farm more loot in less time.


  1. I’m a new TH 9 with only barbs and archers lvl 5, loons and giants 3. What would you recommend for CWL? Just basically sit it out and get the 20% medals? Also what is your recommendation for the best use of medals?


    • It depends on your clan strength, how many TH9-12? But if you don’t have any war troops at all, then I suggest just getting the 20% medals. Or if your clan is truly casual, you can just go in and get a few stars to increase your rewards.

      For the following (Oct) CWL, you should probably be a TH10 by then. Try to unlock miners or bowlers and use them en masse to get some easy 2-3 stars


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